Friendship of Salem

After the Nubble, we switched cars and I got to ride in the rear right seat of a Continental Flying Spur with a "Comfort" package. That means better leather, a rear-seat entertainment package (including DVD player and noise suppressing headphones with a Bentley logo) and a lumbar-massaging seat, which really made being driven an even better experience.

The downside of the rear seat position, however, is that the woofer, which is mounted in the boot and ports its sound into the cabin through the parcel shelf, doesn't quite blend seamlessly with the other 14 cabin-mounted speakers. Not there, anyway—it sounded fine up front.

Around 4pm, we pulled into Salem and drove down to the Maritime Historical site, where we learned there's a lot more to Salem than witches—a lot of nautical history, for instance. Here's a "Comfort" posing in front of the East Indiaman Friendship of Salem.

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My 1961 MG-A 1600 had an AM radio, sounded OK - while parked at the drive-in. My first new car had AM/FM stereo w/casette eater. My last new car had a THX w/CD changer and 17 speakers, with two 350 watt amps, sounded OK, even on I-10. Cars are not the place to enjoy fine sounds ... at least the MG was fun to drive ;)

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Dude! You so should have emailed me before hand- that's right down the street from me. I would have had you over for dinner or a drink or something! Bummer... Next time perhaps. Yeah- Salem has it's touristy stuff for sure, but quite a lot more to offer as well, not the least of which is that I hardly have to drive anywhere. But if I did, I'd love to take that Bentley for a spin. Interesting review- perhaps at some point Naim will trickle down or sell some of that technology to other makers.

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I would have had you over for dinner or a drink or something! Bummer... Next time perhaps.