It's an acoustic fourth-order Linkwitz-Riley, crossing over at 1.75kHz, if you're keeping score at home.

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Are you watching Alon Wolf?

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René again, One last question for today (I got to go to work soon...). Beside one or two expensive cap, on what I assume, the tweeter, everything else you are using in your XO is Mundorf "entry level" parts. Did you have a reason for choosing his "lesser" components?

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Dear Rene,I must disagree with your term "entry level", as the components that we use are Mundorf's finest, each in its most suitable application. Of course, it would make no sense to use a Supreme capacitor in series with an inductor, as its "induction-free winding" would not offer any advantage, and its other traits would reduce quality. Please note that the type and value of every component is unique to each individual pair of speakers that we make, as each has a slightly different crossover to account for tolerances in the drivers. Compensating for tolerances using the crossover is unique to YG Acoustics. We make speakers that have a frequency response deviation of less than +/-1 dB, whereas driver tolerances are typically around +/-1.5 dB. This level of precision would not be possible without individual optimization of circuits.May I suggest that with further technical questions you contact us directly, since I doubt that many blog readers share your level of technical interes