Acceleration Exhilaration

Naturally, this NY resident, who doesn't own a car, was given a Speed for a starter car. No problem—as it turns out people get out of the way when they see eight Bentleys coming at them. As a result, I managed not to hit any pedestrians or guardrails—only the road.

Another cool aspect to the 2009 Bentleys: Adaptive Cruise Control, which uses a grille-mounted radar sensor to monitor the upcoming roadway, If a slow driver cuts in front of you, refusing to yield right-of-way to a person of your class, the cruise control will automatically keep your car a preset distance from it. Best of all, there's a rolling thumbwheel on the steering wheel, so you can fine-tune on the fly.

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Dear WesHi my name Is Ian I have a question for ya thought you might know the answere. Im sorry I forgot to ask you how are you ? :) My question, I was dreaming of making a home theater, I wanted to know can you put nine sets of four amps each, each set from a diffrent company all connected togeather some being mono blocks and also running at the same time lets say nine diffrent sets of speakers. If so how do they do it? I saw something from Goldmund that had 28 or so multi channel pre amp? I realy don't know to much about this world of highend audio but i love the way it sounds and looks. In my logic I was thinking that the diffrent amps, pre amps, speakers would fill in any audio or electricle holes having just one amp, pre amp, and one set of speakers would have. Is this right or am I way off either way I would love to know. Thank you for your time and patience with this question's. Ian