The End of Copyright

I almost didn't link to this essay, but the points it makes have been churning around my brain for days now. I suspect you'll find it thought provoking, too.

Jim Tavegia's picture

Mostly this is hogwash!!!!If what is mine is no longer mine, then I would like to come live at YOUR house and EAT your food and LISEN to some great music on YOUR he-man rig. After all, just because you worked hard to pay for it is of little consequence. The creator of a work deserves his due if YOU want to partake of it. You want the enjoyment of it for free? Really? Free use is sone thing, but free to distribute someone else's work is wrong. It must be controlled in a meaningful way that makes sense for all parties. It should not come about because you MIGHT do it. I have written one novel and am working on a second. I would hope to make some money on it one day, but if someone copies it from my Word Doc and decides to sent it all over the net for free, what chance do I have of capturing any fruits of my intellectual labor (what little there is of it)? I am speaking of the intellectual part. LOL We are treding on dangerous ground here. I hope the law is careful.

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There's another business model unmentioned in this essay: Put your byline on someone else's work and sell ads on the strengh of it. It's happened to me. This is why copyright will never entirely disappear. It has legitimate functions even now.