Meat to the Beat

Bill Bruford ponders his place at the top of the food chain.

Back in the day, I lived on a commune in the country, where we decided to start our careers in animal husbandry with a passel of chickens. Noticing that the kids seemed awfully fond of them, we grew concerned that we were going to run into resistance when it came time to harvest them. Testing the waters, we asked three-year-old Meredith if she liked the chickens.

"Yes," she lisped. "Fried!" You go, girl.

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I'm not sure where this line finds it's origin, but you really should check out his live recorded DVD+CD "In concert in Holland" with Dutch pianst Michiel Borstlap. It was a treat to be there (I live in the Netherlands, of course ;-)

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Author Bill Buford should not be confused with drummer Bill Bruford.Cheers,Alan Tomlinson