The George Mark Children's House

I can't imagine anything worse than having a chronically or fatally ill child. The George Mark Children's House is the only free-standing Pediatric respite and hospice in the country, offering children and their families the services they need.

But here's where audiophiles can help. This is their wish list—it's the sort of stuff that a lot of us have on hand.

Disposable Cameras
Polaroid Film
Picture Frames
Pool Table
42"Plasma Screen Television
Stereo Systems for Children’s Rooms
20" TVs for Children’s Rooms
Digital Camcorder and Tripod
Handheld Game Boy Advance SP and games for all ages
Playstation 2 Game systems, Dance Pad
Massage Table
Standing Patio Umbrellas
GolfCart (Yamaha GMAX 48 volt or equivalent)
Honda HRX Lawnmower (Model HRX217TDA or HRX217HXA)
MiterSaw (Dewalt DW7055 12 inchmiter saw or equivalent)
DrillPress (Craftsman 17 inchdrill press SS# 22917 or equivalent)
BenchVise (Craftsman 6 inch Bench Vise #51856 or equivalent)
Commercial Food Processor (Waring Commercial Food Processor, Model# FP40C or equivalent)

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After Hurricane Katrina, we found out how kind helpful people can be. Now it is out turn (and yours) to return the favor.