One Man's Bionic Quest for Music

Chris Sommovigo from Signals Super-Fi passed this one my way. A great read.

Kenn's picture

What an amazing adventure, which shows the power of music. Many thanks for the link.

John Walker's picture

A very good read. It is so easy to get caught up in this audio game of ours. We all go through it I suspect, I know I do. Upgrade this, upgrade that, the constant agony over audio purchases, Did I buy the right speaker? Power Amp? Pre-Amp?, etc,,, you get the picture. It is almost enough to eclipse the reason we love audio to start with, which is our love of music and having it reproduced for us in all of the detail, power glory, splendor, majesty,etc.... that is possible for us to obtain. That is what I take away from this fine article. The beauty of audio is not in the acquiring of gear, but in the hearing and listening of music on said gear.

Jim Tavegia's picture

After reading this for any of us with all our hearing intact to complain we should all see psychiatrist. Needless to say I wish him the best.

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