Friday Cat Blogging, Part 2

Huckleberry sez: "This Krell is mine!"

Stephen Mejias's picture

Aww, I miss the kitties!

James's picture

My what big teeth you have. My what big ears you have.

Wes Phillips's picture

Thanks, Monty. The chaos kitties are on Scoence Diet Low Residue kibble and SD ID canned food. Huck has a digestive imbalance that's common to Bengals (we don't know for sure he's a Bengal, but his color and personality fit the profile—he's not saying), so we have to slip some medicine into his food to help him digest it.Also, we've never taught them that human food is fit for cat consumption, although we think they are starting to suspect it. At least they don't beg for food or try to steal it off the counters. Actually Huck will steal anything off a counter, but mostly to investigate its bounce/rattle quotient.