Nashville Katz

Making Blonde on Blonde.

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A pleasant little read, that, thanks Wes...

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During my final shift at the Park Slope Food Co-op in Brooklyn, NY last year, I worked the register next to a heavily pierced 20-something woman who remained plugged into her digital player while ringing up the groceries. When she finally removed her headphones, I asked, "What's in heavy rotation?" She replied, "Dylan's Blonde album. Best f------ thing I heard all year." She went on to tell me that her father passed several months earlier, and while sorting through his belongings she came upon "a few" copies of the original vinyl. (I'm sure that her digital files were purchased from iTunes.) Maybe it was the connection to her dead dad, but I have no doubt that the album reached her on a gut level, just as it reached millions of others. A great read. Thanks Wes.