Albert Fuller, R.I.P.

Albert Fuller has died. I enjoyed his playing a lot and, the one time I met him—we shared the elevator to Weill Recital Hall—he was gracious enough to tell me about the night he met Igor Stravinsky.

A friend corralled Fuller into tagging along to a party at the composer's LA residence. When the maestro met Fuller and heard he was a musician, he asked what he played.

"Harpsichord," Fuller responded.

"Ah," said Stravinsky. "What a beautiful sounding instrument. I adore it."

"I'm delighted to hear that," said Fuller. "But why don't you write more music for it?"

Stravinsky seemed to consider the question. "I would love to, but it is such a soft instrument that it must be played in small rooms—and many people want to hear my music. I must not disappoint them." The composer excused himself and went on to greet other guests.

Anecdote over, Albert Fuller made his apologies and went off to the green room—and that, other than recordings and concerts, was my only encounter with that delightful musician.

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