You Can Leave Your Socks On

Secrets of the orgasm: "As orgasm lasts much longer in women than in men, it is easier to study using PET—male ejaculation is over so quickly it is hard to get a reliable reading."

This was a secret to whom?

Jeff Wong's picture

I guess those guys wearing their socks in 60s stag films had it right, then.

Monty's picture

Women have orgasms too!?

Wes Phillips's picture

That's been my favorite joke ever since I read it as a Playboy Party Joke in around 1970.

Gerald Clifton's picture

I didn't know that was a Playboy joke -- I wonder if the comedian who retold it knew. My all-time Playboy favorite is a cartoon, from the Christmas issue, around 1967. A guy is standing in front of a mirror, adjusting his wig and bra, smiling in his fishnet stockings, miniskirt," and stiletto heels. The caption: ""Don we now our gay apparel...""