Girls Gone Wild Founder Apparently A Huge Tool

Yeah, that's a shock to anybody who has ever seen any of those commercials on late-night TV. But here's the thing, this Claire Hoffman article from The Los Angeles Times is a wonderful piece of participatory journalism.

Warning: You may want to wash thoroughly after reading about this repulsive yobbo.

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People still have sex? Amazing!

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Yeah, Wes. I read the piece yesterday morning (being in LA, I'm a subscriber)...before I showered. Juvenal, Petronius, where are you? Why didn't Ms Hoffman have this putz arrested, when she had the chance? Look, nobody enjoys a good time any more than I do, and nobody is more reluctant to cast stones than I am. But this is the stuff of high decadence. Social rot is at the core of this pretty fabric. And people raise their eyebrows at me when I casually remark that I am buying all the gold I can get my hands on, whenever there is a dip in price. There's a connection -- few (if any) of us can handle a sea of relativity without drowning. I know my limits, and I am determined to stay afloat as long as possible in a world gone mad. Yeats, Haydn, Mahler, Scotch, and gold. That ought to just about do it. Cheers, Clifton

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That tools like the GGW honcho exist comes as no great surprise. The truly scary part is that his subjects are not just willing, but anxious to perform on camera in exchange for a t-shirt, while this a*****e rakes in the dough.