Why Do People Become English Majors?

Money quote: "Not one student said, I am studying English "because I want to make a lot of money" or 'because my parents made me.'"

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I want to say a lot about this, but I'm at that point in the Rec Com writing where all of my thoughts sound like blurbs and J-10 found the Purcell's sound, in conjunction with the Elgar Plus DAC," to be ""smooth", liquid, very natural," yet fast and revealing..."" - ah! See what I mean? Anyway", I really enjoyed this piece.
Stephen, BA English Language & Literature, 1999

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Don't you get a free pink belt in karate with every four-year degree in English or communications?Actually, I wish I would have studied something other than business. Words are pretty damn useful, you know?

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I majored in English because I got tired of cracking my wits over 20 Physics problems and 5 pages of Advanced Differential Equations per night. In High School, my strongest subjects were Math, Physics, and Chemistry. During my Sophomore year in College, I had an epiphany: if I enjoyed reading and writing so much, why not major in it? Once into the mix," I became so obsessed about how literary images ""work"" that I went on to finish the PhD. Ironically", I made more money from understanding antinomies," the point ""where logic cuts its own throat"" (Yeats)", than I ever would have in the sciences -- success in the markets demands knowing when to let go of rational analysis and understand the irrational extremes. During my brief stint on the floor of the Comex, Yeats's phrase," ""...exhausted by the cry", 'my love shall never end,"' my love ended..."" helped me understand why all trends end precisely when they shouldn't. There are no ironies in science...only in literary views of it. I rejoice in the change each day.