A Catalan Treat for Your Barbecue

Yeah, yeah, we all know that you grill burgers'n'brats on the Fourth, but that only takes a few minutes and then yo have all those coals going great. What to do with that lovely fire? Here's a non-intuitive dish that will excite absolutely no one—until they taste it! Then you won't have made enough.

Pa amb tomaquet (literally, bread with tomato)

one loaf of crusty bread (I love a good sourdough), cut into 1" thick slices
ripe, juicy tomatoes, halved
olive oil
minced garlic cloves to taste
salt, pepper

Combine olive oil, salt, pepper, minced garlic. Brush on one side of bread with a basting brush.
Put bread, basted side down, over hot coals and cook just long enough to toast. While that's happening, baste other side of bread. When you flip the bread, it's just right if there are a few black spots, but not all of it should be burnt. (This may require your using a water spray or putting on the lid, since the olive oil is flammable.)
When both sides are done, put bread on a platter and smoosh the tomato halves across it—you want to get lots of tomato pulp on the toast.

That's it. Oh yeah, one more thing: Call Dr. Atkins and tell him to buzz off.

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