You Had Better Stop and Think Before You Think, Think!

While we're thinking about thinking, think about this: Recent research confirms that animals have language, experience complex emotions, and can apply abstract reasoning—including the assimilation of previously acquired information—to problem solving. So why do we think we're so special?

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We are the only animals to keep wars going 24/7, forever. How special is that?

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Wondering if you could direct me to Wes Phillips who last fall advised us about the passing of Dr. Alton Everest. I would like get in touch with someone who knew Dr. Alton Everest who was a dear freind of mine.ThanksJack Hoeppner

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I'm that Wes Phillips, Mr. Hoeppner, but I wasn't personally acqainted with Dr. Everest and couldn't help you get in touch with his personal circle. Sorry.

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These findings spell class action suits from lab rats and mice. I can see the late night TV lawyer commercials already.