Guy.HF Factory Tour

Guy.HF is located in Bourbon-Lancy, about two hours north of Focal's St. Etienne factory. The facility has produced Focal's cabinets since Jacques Mahul founded JMLab in 1980. The front of the cabinet-making facility is the original woodworking shop Guy's father Emile founded in 1945—the back end of the factory is newly built and state-of-the-art. Focal and Guy.HF were so intertwined that Focal bought a 49% interest in Guy.HF and the cabinet maker's entire output is now 100% Focal.

Guy.HF employs around 50 workers and uses a combination of high-tech milling and routing machines and skilled human labor. The factory uses only a few CNC machines, preferring to employ individual work stations and hand assembly. M. Guy explained, "CNC has its place, but working with wood isn't like machining metal or synthetics—touch and sight are still vital."