Words, Words, Words

Nancy Friedman at Away With Words guides us to the Coleman Partners website for a well-written essay called "Marketing & the English Language: A Guide to Better Communication," which is worth reading. Ms. Friedman does warn that the site's design is too clever by half, so you'll have to click on the external link, then click "Explain," and the click "Logical" to get to the "off-white papers," of which there are at present, just the one.

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My pleasure. I hit Away With Words on my daily rounds and it's always a delight.

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Wes--Thanks a million for the referral to my blog, Away with Words. Now that I know about Stereophilia, I'm counting on you to solve my audio-upgrade challenges!

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Thirty years ago, attempting to be hip, slick and with-it, I said," in an engineering meeting: ""I will memo them."" My friend Bill", an English MA from the University of Chicago," said: ""Memo is a noun. You can send them a memo. You can't memo them."" I was not the first to tread the sleazy thin ice of gramattical posturing. But", at least I wasn't the last ... sigh.