Sorry I Haven't Written Lately

You know how life is: It's just one damn thing after another. I spent some time attempting to re-imagine this blog and I dealt with a health issue. clickfor sound effect Well, I'm better now and I have some fun things (I think) in store.

Such as?

Factory tours (I leave for Focal within the hour), designer interviews, small reviewlets, and, of course, some Friday cat-blogging and the usual linkage.

Stay (ahem) tuned. click for sound effect

Alan in Victoria's picture

Good to hear from you again and I hope all is well! But quite honestly, I haven't been spending much time at Stereophile Dot Com lately. The site seems to have been taken over by some kid who bought his first record player. Big Deal.

mrlowry's picture

I've missed your blogging. I think that Stereophile should do more designer interviews and manufacturer tours.

Claude's picture

I was hoping you just wanted a bit of time off. I'm relieved you're feeling better - don't push it, man. A little from you now and then is better than reams from just about everybody else.

Rodrigo's picture

Great! I'm glad to hear you are coming back.