A Pipe Dream

John Marks sends along this article about the Fred J. Cooper Memorial Organ, a 32-ton, 6398-pipe, three-story organ that I, for one, am going to have to make a sonic destination. Be sure to visit the photo essay and other links while you're reading about the Cooper organ—there's a ton of fascinating information there.

Thanks, John!

Willis Greenstreet's picture

Hey Wes, where can I find the V-Disc collection to buy? Not available at Collectors Choice Music.Thanks,Willis

Wes Phillips's picture

Hi Willis:I assume you're referring to the link I included in the most recent Stereophile eNewsletter. As far as I know, theyre's no single collection of V-Discs. Many have been released on LPs and CDs, usually filed under the individual artists. I've seen collections by Frank Sinatra, Louis Prima, Bing Crosby, the Andrews Sisters, the Dorseys, and a few others, including, if I recall correctly, the Carter Family.Good luck in your hunt.

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A former wife told of a kid in her High School who installed a pipe organ in his parent's house while they were on vacation. It was in the basement, the main floor and the second floor. Some kids get too much allowance ;)It did sound very good ...