Best YouTube Clip Ever!

A cat playing the Theremin? How on earth could I resist? And the reaction shot of his kitty friend at the end is priceless!

Kilian's picture

Hi Wes,you're right, this is as funny as a You Tube clip can get. By the way we love your Huckleberry & Basheera blogs, always looking forward to new ones! It's good to see that humor is still an important factor in some people's lives (as it is in ours). Keep up the great work.

Rodrigo's picture

Hi Wes,Great clip! Very funny!My wife and me miss Baghera and Huckleberry. When are they coming back?Congratulations,Rodrigo and Isadora

Peter Kavanagh's picture

Hi WesLike Killian and Rodrigo, my wife and I and our 3 kids also miss Bagheera and Huckleberry, any chance of a return, I'm thinking of starting a campaign for their return!!!!!! Love the You tube clip. You are not posting as often.You are certainly missed.

Tim's picture

Have you seen the elephants drawing? It is mind blowing. It's in the same vane. Best wishes.