Sounds Cardboardy?

Mrlowry sends along this tantalizing snippet about Muji's cardboard speakers. They're cheap (ish) and efficient, but do they sound good?

Anybody out there actually heard these?

beken's picture

Yes...I would have loved (or loathed) to hear what these speakers sound like. I wonder why she didn't actually play any music through them.

Ken's picture

Yes, I had a pair given to me. Played with them for a week and gave them away. Hard to say how they sound. In audiophilic terms, bloody awful. However as something which would pack easily in suitcase so you could listen to your iPod in a hotel room, acceptable. To use day in day out as speakers for your computer, not acceptable. I have heard plastic $5.00 / pair computer speakers that sound better, still awful but better. Oh yeah, maybe it's the visual cue influencing the audible - cardboardy is accurate.