Protest Friday

Of course, the minute I posted the Tom Russell song, that little voice in the back of my head, said What about "We Can't Make It Here Anymore?" Well, I'm glad I asked me that. A little Google magic and I found the performance above. Is there a cooler radio station in the world than KFOG?

If there is, somebody please tell me about it. Otherwise, pick up a couple of KFOG's Live From the Archive compilations. They're fabtastic.

Strong language advisory—also may cause thinking.

andrew scaglione's picture

Well I don't know about cooler, but at least as cool is KEXP(.org) in Seattle. Awesome specialty shows, hip live DJs who program their own music, tons of great bands live in the studio, and no commercials. Can't ask for much more. And no I don't work for them

Keith Spring's picture

WFMU(.org) is my favorite, particularly Bob Brainen's & Irene Trudel's shows - great website & archives as well.