When Marty Met Mick'n'Keef

Who knows? This might be good.

I suspect that, on a given night, the Stones could still be the greatest rock band in the world. Oh, who am I kidding? Most nights these days, they might not even be the best rock band in town.

But a man can dream, can't he?

Hat tip to George Weber.

Alan in Victoria's picture

I still believe.

Adam Sohmer's picture

How many Stones movies does this make? And precisely how many are watchable? Whatever. Maybe Scorcese created an interesting documentary on what it takes to film a Stones flick, but my inner cynic -- the one who sat through "Let's Spend the Night Together" -- is looking ahead to a DVD that I can watch while sitting through an hours-long flight.

Evan's picture

I thought it looked pretty interesting. I'd be curious to see it in IMAX.