Accordion Guy's Disappointed in Margot Timmins

Joey deVilla, aka Accordion Guy in the 21st Century, is disgruntled (trust me, Accordion Guy is at his best when he's not gruntled). His beef? The fundraising dinner held last night for Canadian MP Sam Bulte, aka Hollywood's MP, because of the perhaps coincidental linkage between her advocacy of extremely restrictive copyright legislation and her acceptance of financial support (57% of her campaign war chest) from institutions such as the Canadian Motion Pictures Distributors Association, Canadian Publishers Council, and the Entertainment Software Alliance.

Of course, AG, isn't simply opposed to Ms. Bulte—that's just politics and we wouldn't link to it. AG's angle is that Margot Timmins, of audiophile-revered Cowboy Junkies fame, is providing the entertainment, and, as AG correctly observes, the Cowboy Junkies probably owe their careers to the viral marketing that was the "mix tape," a form of courtship communication/ritual that Ms. Bulte's supporters are seeking to prohibit.

Worth the bandwidth.

Alan in Victoria's picture

Well," the Canadian government completely bankrolls the entertainment business here ""to protect our culture and national identity""", so Bulte's industry support is like money passing from one hand to the other. And they do need more money to pay for film production costs, as almost every tv show or movie made here is funded by a government grant. Then there's the giant bureaucracy needed to constantly regulate tv and radio for Canadian content, the wasteful government owned broadcasting systems, the tax cuts to anybody who might film here, and the personal financial assistance available to any Canadian artist, from musician to magician to porn star, who needs help, uh, getting a leg passing some more freedom-restricting rules that might amount to additional taxes or monetary penalties sounds like the Canadian way...Yes, after two months of campaigning, I'm cracking up! But our election day is on Monday: I'll be voting early and voting often!