Wye Oak

Wye Oak is a sort of American folk duo. Andy Stack plays drums and keys (at the same time), while Jenn Wasner sings and absolutely wails on the guitar. This is a video for their song, "Please Concrete," from their 2008 debut If Children.

If Children is great, but the new album, The Knot, writhes and burns and delights. You can read more about it in the October issue of Stereophile. I hope you will. For now, you can go to Merge and stream the entire album. I think you should. If The Knot isn't released on vinyl, I might have to kill someone. Or buy the compact disc, dammit.

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Wow, it has a nice, hypnotic and sad quality that is really quite moving. I need to go hear some more.

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These folks are from the lovely town of Baltimore, btw. Sorry, just had to mention it.

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Yes, and I read that the wye oak is Maryland's state tree. Baltimore rocks.

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B'more does indeed rock, thanks Stephen. This is a great local music blog (featuring copious samples) if anyone's interested:http://auralstates.com/

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