After all that, I went with white.

Now I wish I had gotten a different color. Don't get me wrong; I love the white. It's just that I could have gone with red or green or black or yellow.

john devore's picture

Well I hope you at least get a yellow mat. Then you can play records on your fried egg.

selfdivider's picture

sweet!!!! put some sonic youth stickers on it.

Stephen Mejias's picture

Pictures to come, I promise!

Stephen Mejias's picture

Juevos Vinyleros! Dude, you think of everything.

mrlowry's picture

I thought WE had decided on GREEN.

Larry's picture

Garrard 301 is white. That would be a wicked move for you to make.

Trey's picture

Mine is black. It is old school. I rarely notice it when I am using it. 8)Trey

tom collins's picture

i thought you bought a turntable some time ago? is this another one? white is always in style.

Stephen Mejias's picture

Hey Tom. No, this is the turntable I purchased; it just took awhile for it to arrive and then it took some more time for me to set it up. And, yes, I figured white would stay in style, keep me smiling, and look good with everything.SD: Man, now that is a good idea!

Marshall's picture

Can we see a picture of it?

Christian's picture

White was my vote. That would be my pick again today. Now you just have to find a copy of the White album in white vinyl to play on it.