While My JVC Vibrates the Concrete

Lyle Owerko likes boomboxes.

When I think of the boombox, I think of growing up in Newark, New Jersey; I think of Spike Lee's Do The Right Thing; I think of making mix tapes in my bedroom, recording popular songs directly from Z100 and Hot 97; I think of my parents, young and happy, taking us to Jersey City's Lincoln Park, which, at the time, seemed like a million miles from home, and now is home; I think of my father making sure we had the right number of size-D batteries; I think of my first experiences with hi-fi.

In this video, Lyle Owerko and Fab Five Freddy discuss the history of the boombox. It's kind of fascinating to think about the differences between yesterday's boombox culture and today's more privatized, more pocket-sized culture.

Connections to hi-fi can be made.

Some of Lyle Owerko's work (he's a photographer, too) is scheduled to appear in the August issue of Stereophile.

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Poetically valid posting this remark to show that I seize your blog daily.

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Very cool.It is true that the music experience that our current technologies have given us (ipods etc) is almost masturbatory. I'd say the world of hi fi suffers from some of the same pitfalls.The ghettoblaster was about sharing music and making a public statement. I think in many ways the crazy world of car audio is the offshoot of the boombox culture. Perhaps even music file sharing is the 21st century way share music. Since we don't play music in public, we swap files so we can listen alone.

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Cool video, and interesting comments Erick. Certainly the headphones are isolating. Some of my favorite listening is done with my nebie audiophile friend Chris, or listening with my wife or eldest daughter. They think I am a little out there about getting so involved, but that is fine. By listening together I add to the experience.

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Boomboxes are still good for computer speakers and speakers for iPods.

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