Where the Bad Word Would Be

While putting together yesterday's entry, I stumbled upon this video of Mike Bones performing a version of Grinderman's excellent "No Pussy Blues." This was back in the summer of 2007, during a music festival in New York City's East River Park. I wasn't there.

Bones does a good job, I think, and displays the fine guitar work that he's become known for. But, when compared to the original Grinderman track, Bones's rendition comes off as being a bit sappy, a bit wishy-washy, a bit emasculated. Perhaps it is unfair to compare Bones's version to the original.

On a good hi-fi, you'll feel the frustration in Nick Cave's voice, but it'll be balanced by the humor in the lyrics and you'll find yourself laughing out loud at the bathos. Seriously. You can judge a hi-fi by its ability to make this song sound funny. (It's not the only way to judge a hi-fi, however. And who says you'd even want to judge a hi-fi?)

Trey's picture

Well, if you are going to cover that song, there is no room to make it harder than the original! You have ways you can explore, but the original nails down the limit of noisy frustration I think. And I really like it when you turn us on to what you are listening to Stephen. Thanks for the tips.