What I've Been Up To

Oh, just making a magazine. That's all.

I think I wrote something like 22,000 words for this issue. Only had to slay a couple of dragons, sacrifice three virgins, and meet up with the devil at the crossroads to get this one out the door.

No big whoop.

I make it sound as though I did it all by myself. I didn't, of course. John Atkinson, Robert Baird, and I work with a very dedicated, talented, patient, and understanding team. It only feels a bit lonely sometimes; I think that's in the job description for "Managing Editor." Every day, I feel a little more comfortable in the role.

I hope I didn't screw up too much this time.

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Well, welcome back, and congratulations? What music do you listen to for stress relief? Sometimes, I rock out HARD when I am upset. I find some really grungy Hendrix or Neil Young and blast it. If I am really upset, I plug in the guitar and play that louder along with the music! It has to be loud and aggressive and lots of guitar really helps. Early Clash works too.This is certainly not what I use to drift off to sleep, but it is my catharsis regimen. Trey

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Funny you ask, Trey. I was very frustrated and stressed at times over the last few days, and found myself listening to a lot of pretty mellow (but moving) music, specifically Lights, Cat Power's Jukebox, and Miles Davis' In A Silent Way.

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Yeah, mellow music helps me most when I am worried. I am a psychologist, and I had one patient who got dumped and was wanting to deal with the pain and disappointment as quickly as possible. He was just a little type A, just a little. Anyway, he had his roomate line up and play every heartbreak country song he could find! He listened for about three hours then decided he had that all done!Music is such a cool way to affect our mood, but it is definitely idiosyncratic.And I forgot to say that 22,000 words is huge. ^5Trey

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How could you tolerate does crummy computer speakers. Why not get a decent hifi system, or at least good headphones to listen while you work ?