WFMU Loves Vinyl

Take a look into the heart and soul of my favorite radio station, Jersey City’s own WFMU, 91.1FM.

Via Goldmine Magazine.

Emma: I love records, too. Call me!

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The Fish Fry ,Friday and Saturday 8 p.m. - midnightChuck Haddock serves up the best in blues, r&b, soul, jumpin' jazz and zydeco. Chuck Haddix AKA Chuck Haddock joined the staff of KCUR FM in 1984. Originally hired as a jazz producer, Haddix began producing the "Fish Fry" in 1985. Making its debut on Saturday night at midnight, the "Fish Fry" proved so popular with listeners it quickly moved up to the 8:00 p.m. slot. A year or so later the public radio party spread to Friday night. Since then the Fish Fry has been featured Friday and Saturday nights from 8:00 until midnight. A faculty member at UMKC, Haddix is the director of the Marr Sound Archives, a collection of 250,000 sound recordings housed in the Miller Nichols Library. He is a writer who has been published in Down Beat and Living Blues Magazine. For live feed on Friday and Saturday or over 2,000 hours of archive feed go to real mix of old and new with play for each show.

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SM, thank you for sharing! This is like Phd-level college radio. As much as I love Pandora, there's just something, i guess, about a DJ controlling the play list instead of an algorithm.

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Nice posting! I've worked at 'FMU a number of times and it's great and exciting. Too bad Goldmine didn't show you the basement where all the "unwanted" vinyl goes... wow! Check their website and go to their record fairs and support the station and the world of vinyl.

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Great shit! Thank you for hitting these guys up!!! They should do our WMSE in Milwaukee... Pushing 30 years next year... and same deal... licorice pizza everywhere!!!!