Weekend Plans

Set times for tomorrow's East Village Radio Music Festival have been announced. Looks like this:

Main Stage performances at Pier 17, from 12:45 to 9pm
12:45 — 4-ize
1:15 — Hypnotic Brass Ensemble
1:45 — Dr. Lonnie Smith
2:30 — lf Arnalds
3:00 — Vivian Girls
3:45 — High Places
4:30 — Awesome Color
5:00 — John Oliver
5:30 — Devin the Dude
6:15 — Flying Lotus
7:00 — Mark Ronson
7:45 — BORIS 7

"On-the-Side" @Seaport Second Stage performances, from 1:30 to 7:45pm
1:30 — Lil' Dusty
2:30 — Bunnybrains
3:30 — Hex Message
4:30 — TBA
5:30 — Crystal Stilts
6:15 — Woods
7:00 — Aa (BIG A little a)

I think I've mentioned my aversion towards all-day music fests. I liken them to all-you-can-eat buffets. Always seems like a good idea to begin with, but leaves you feeling dumb and with a bad bellyache afterwards. But this, the East Village Music Festival, holds a really excellent line-up. I wouldn't want to miss any of these acts.

Unfortunately, it looks as though Tropical Storm Hannah is going to show up for the party, as well. I'm not sure how this'll influence things. It may simply mean lots of wet t-shirts. Who knows? Could be good.

I also have tickets for tomorrow's Mets game. For fear of jinxing things, I'm not saying anything else about that. BUT, if the rain is too much, and the game is postponed, and I can't bring myself to make the trek into the City, I do have an alternate plan.

I will head to Penn Station Newark, purchase a 22 ounce can of something rejuvenating (perhaps a Presidente!), and sit myself on a train to Princeton. In Princeton, from the pouring rain, I will take shelter in the Princeton Record Exchange, where a flood of recently received 1970's soul, Latin, and gospel LPs are crying out to me.

It's like they're doing this just for me:

We have just put out over 1,500 very nice 70's Soul, Latin, and Gospel LPs. These records are in beautiful condition; it's a real pleasure to see these 30+ year old titles looking so good. Most of the classic-era soul artists are here including Funkadelic, Isaac Hayes, The Spinners, Al Green, etc. The Latin titles include dozens on the Tico, Fania, and Alegre labels of artists like Ray Barrettto, Willie Colon, Eddie Palmieri, and Joe Cuba among many others.

Like with the Mets game, I almost don't want to mention it. If you dudes go to the PREX before me and steal my records, I will cut you (like the Puerto Rican I am).


But, seriously: Don't buy my records.

Meanwhile, I am having a very hard time not bumping into really great music. Currently, I am digging the debut EP from Hecuba, a Los Angeles duo that combines subdued electro-dub beats with spaced-out Ronettes-style vocal harmonies. The Sir EP features six tracks and is pressed on heavy 45rpm vinyl.

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The best thing one can do when it's raining is to let it rain, go record shopping and then have some beers.
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (sort of)

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Smart guy, that Longfellow.This just in:NEW YORK, September 5 - The debut of the East Village Radio Music Festival may be delayed by one day due to the heavy rains and gusty winds expected for New York City throughout Saturday, as tropical storm Hanna moves up the East Coast. The festival, which is scheduled for 1 to 9pm Saturday, September 6, may be moved to Sunday, September 7 from 1 until 9pm. Organizers will evaluate the weather conditions on Saturday morning at 6am and determine if the festival will go forward on Saturday, or be delayed one day until Sunday. The announcement will be posted on EastVillageRadio.com.