Video: "Heathen Child," Grinderman

On Tuesday, September 14th—two days before my 33rd birthday—Anti- Records will release Grinderman 2, the second studio album from Nick Cave’s heathen child, Grinderman. And we are in for a treat. The review will appear in our October issue, but I’ll just let you know now: The album is violent, powerful, horrifying, and hilarious.

I’m almost afraid of bringing it into my home.

You wouldn’t just bring some sort of a hungry, horny dingo/bear/wolf/dog into your home, would you? I feel like I have to Grinderman-proof the apartment first. Put up little fences, cover the wall outlets with those plastic things, hide the valuables, sprinkle holy water all around.

One can guess from his previous work that Cave has a fondness for good sound, and this album is no exception. It was produced by the band and longtime Cave collaborator, Nick Launay, and it sounds alive.

Here’s the video for “Heathen Child.” Warning: There are bare breasts in this video. There might even be penises; I’m not quite sure. Definitely breasts, though.

Light as a rainbow, heavy as an asteroid.

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A secret for you: It's actually Tim Curry doing the vocals for Grinderman.

Grinderman's live cover of "Sweet Transvestite" is amazing.

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The man's an evil genius. I am now, forever have been and forever will be utterly in his thrall.