Type Recordings

I had been curious about the gorgeous releases from UK indie label, Type Recordings, but because I knew none of the artists, I held back. Invariably, however, I would be drawn to their albums, simply taken by the quiet, thoughtful cover art and album titles like I Could Not Love You More and Your Eyes The Stars and Your Hands The Sea. How could I not be attracted to this?

And, my god, look at those lips!

Now that I’ve gotten to know the label a bit better, I wish I hadn’t held back. The sounds inside are as lovely as the images that contain them. If you click on any one of the album covers within the “Releases” section, you can stream the entire album for free. There are also Typecasts. As I write this, I’m listening to Ryan Carr’s “Drunk, Naked and Dreaming” from his Molting Music podcast which just so happens to combine songs from some of my very favorite bands with readings of some of my very favorite poems.

So we have Peter Orlovsky’s “Frist Poem” followed by Ducktails’ “Chill Jam,” Allen Ginsberg’s “America” followed by Woods’ “Rain On.” It’s almost too good to be true, really. Ryan Carr says:

Molting Music was an idea that arose from the rabid interest of literature of my friend Katherine and my own obsession with music. We both love sharing poetry and the latest records with each other, which eventually led to us wanting to share them with others.

And that’s what this life is all about, right? Sharing, communicating, loving, learning. I’m happy to share my new enthusiasm for Type Recordings, and you can be sure that the next time I see one of their albums, I won’t hold back.

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You are truly a "Lip Man" -- welcome to the club.

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Hi Stephen, this is my first comment but I've really enjoyed your blog for a long time.But this time I already knew who you're talking about. You should check out William Fowler Collins and his very dark ambient album "Perdition Hill Radio". It's like a trip in the desert with no water!

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Thanks Mathieu. I'll definitely check it out. I'm intrigued by Type's description of it: "Welcome to New Mexico at night." I'll also share it with John Atkinson, who used to live in New Mexico, and with the old Stereophile crew who still live there.

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Hello,Thanks for the musical tips you post, I may not love them all but none of them are terrible. If that sounds like faint praise, I don't mean it to, there is terrible music out there...Also the link to Releases section you posted is broken, even going to their home page and clicking on their link to it doesn't work...