Two for Tuesday

The Yardbirds' version of "Train Kept A-Rollin'" has been sharing space in my mind with Outkast's "Ms. Jackson." Makes no sense. It's like the train keeps rolling right into Ms. Jackson. Only my subconscious knows why.

jbanner's picture

Wow, I love this blog post. 25 years ago when I was 15 and a half and had just gotten my provisional drivers licenses my crazy uncle gave me a convertible VW Carmen Gia. There was one catch, I had to get to NY and drive him from NY to LA. If I did it I could have the car, free and clear. He told me it was mint condition, yellow Gia with black interior. When I got to NY of course the car was a rust bucket, piece of crap with a broken top. We’ll, needless to say the journey was one of my most cherished adventures, the only music I had for the entire ride was a double album, tape actually of two live concerts of the Yard Birds. I bought the tape at a truck stop some place on our first day. I must have listened to the album 40 times over the 5 day drive to Arizona, were the car finally died.The last road trip I took with my kids from NY to PA I had the Outkast Speaker Box/The Love below. The family and I listened to it as many times as we could on the 5 hour trip.Why do these things go together?

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That is so weird and awesome. What a great story. Thanks for sharing, jbanner. Maybe there is some cosmic connection between the Yardbirds and Outkast.