Tweet, Tweet

Hey, have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a Stereophile staffer? (I have.)

Well, now’s your chance to find out! Are any of you guys on Twitter? Stereophile is on Twitter. Come follow me, I mean, us, as we bring you updates on the most important topics circulating around the Stereophile office. I’ll, I mean, we’ll, answer all of your pressing questions.

Such as: What’s Coral Watkins wearing today? What are the girls from Soap Opera Digest giggling about? Where in the world is Robert Baird? What’s Jon Banner eating for breakfast? Who flooded the toilet? What’s Rosemarie Torcivia doing in the coat closet?

And so much more!

No, seriously, this can be a valuable tool for when our writers are patrolling the halls of hi-fi shows (“Hey, great sound in the Peachtree suite, go check it out!”), or for, say, when I’m walking down Madison Avenue and am suddenly struck by one of my brilliant and poetic ideas. So much genius has been lost, has simply floated off into the clouds, over the last nine years. Never again, dear friends. Now, through the magic of Twitter, you can get it all.

New contributor Erick Lichte will be blogging and tweeting from the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show. Look forward to that! If you’ve got suggestions on how we can make our Twitter page most valuable, please let us know. I’m still getting acquainted with the language, but I’ll work on the look and feel of the page, and try to keep it populated with little lighthearted hi-fi haikus, and whatnot.