Turning the Tables

Yesterday's New York Post ran a brief story on Best Buy's decision to stock vinyl LPs.

The consumer-electronics giant, which happens also to be the third-largest music seller behind Apple's iTunes and Wal-Mart, is considering devoting eight square feet of merchandising space in all of its 1,020 stores solely to vinyl, which would equate to just under 200 albums, after a test in 100 of its stores around the country proved successful.

Not bad, considering that a typical Best Buy carries just between 16-20 square feet of music merchandise.

Jim Teacher's picture

Brother, I was hoping for a review of 'Chinese Democracy.'

But seriously, it looks like there is an unclosed tag or something funky on the blog's main page. Might have something to do with the third post.

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Oh man, sorry to disappoint you!Thanks brother. I think I fixed it now.

Trey's picture

Good old Best Buy! I bought most of my SACD and DVDA releases from them, I think I bought most of the ones I bought after they marked them down to cd prices. I will try to be more proactive about the vinyl and pony up regularly.Trey

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Oh Boy! I'm going to love perusing through all the Motley Crue, JLO, Britany Spears and Muppets vinyl. Not.

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Meatpuppet vinyl, I was listening to Out My Way just now. No accounting for taste KBK. I took my daughter to a local record store and I picked up a Rick James hits record, new for $6 and drooled over a Smithereens do the Beatles double album that I did not have the scratch for. No Spears or Motley in sight though.