Tris McCall's 2008 Pop Music Abstract

I think you'll enjoy Tris McCall's 2008 Pop Music Abstract.

He shares his thoughts on pop music. All of it, from 50 Cent to Lykke Li to Weezer. For instance, this bit on Vampire Weekend:

Latest NYC export occasions as much animosity as the Strokes did, and for the same reason: they're a frat-rock band for wealthy postgraduates who believe themselves above frat-rock.

Or this on Elvis Costello:

Cool beans: Steve Nieve has brought the Vox Continental out of mothballs. Homie can play anything with keys, of course, but it's always nice to dance with the horse what brung ya. Get on those inverted black-and-whites, Steve, and dontcha stop until you've scalded our faces off.

Tris packs more punch than Pacquiao on De La Hoya. And that's only the half of it. It's difficult for me to imagine a more distinct or refreshing perspective on pop music. I'd like to say that I could create such an impressive piece of work—if only I had the time or the energy. But then I realize I'm also missing the experience and the balls, so forget it. You can count on Tris McCall.

If only I could get a real hi-fi into the dude's apartment. I will destroy his beloved boombox before I die. I will replace it with a Polk I-Sonic, or something. Tris, it even comes with speakers and you can watch DVDs on it!


And now a message from Tris:

If reading from the abstract infuriates you so much that you must choke me in person, I will be playing this Friday night at the unbeatable Union Hall with My Teenage Stride. 11pm. Be a sport and wait until after the show, though.

I guarantee that once you meet the affable fellow, all the anger you previously felt will be charmed the heck right out of you.

Ariel Bitran's picture

aaah, the greatest waste of time on earth. I love it.

Jim Teacher's picture

Seriously, even JT ditched the boombox for an I-Sonic. Get on the bus, McCall.