Ariel's two new favorite toys—one found in the garbage, and one bought with his hard-earned cash: The Sony CFM-10 Radio Cassette-Corder and the Bellari VP129, one-tube wonder.

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This picture reminds me of a song, the cassette-corder would probably be singing to the vp129: "Ooo. you make me live / whatever this world can give to me / It's you, you're all I see / Ooo, you make me live now honey / Ooo, you make me live / You're the best friend"

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That thing is fun. Old stuff like that was clunky in innocent sort of way. But they also had amazing space-age designs too! Check this site out. what a great turntable!

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I love that 70's design. I love how so often, cutting edge "futuristic" designs still used wood as a key material. Check out this "" a great chapter in Canadian design history. They have one on display in the Design Exchange in Toronto...very hip.