Tote Bags

Good thing I bought all those records.

I strode into the office this morning with my pair of PSB Alpha B1 loudspeakers. John Atkinson will use them in an upcoming review of the Peachtree Audio iDecco D/A integrated amplifier. (With luck, JA won’t break my speakers; he is such an equipment abuser.) I spent some time last night searching for their box, which would have made transportation from Jersey City to Manhattan so much simpler, but could not find it. Fortunately, I did find a couple of yellow shopping bags from the Princeton Record Exchange. Suitably large and durable, with reinforced bottoms and doweled handles, these bags aren’t only good for about $300 worth of LPs, they can also hold about $300 worth of high-quality, over-achieving loudspeaker.

JA called from the Land Cruiser as he approached the office, and I met him on 38th Street, at the building’s freight entrance. He gave me the Audio Research VSi60 integrated amp, Electrocompaniet AW400 monoblock power amp, and Cary CD 300T SACD player. (Reviews of all three will appear in our September issue.) I gave him a few other boxes and my yellow bags.

“Nice bags,” he said.


So, there you go. When you leave the Princeton Record Exchange with one of their big yellow bags, you know you’ve had a good day, and, as it turns out, the bags are just the right size for toting around a pair of bookshelf loudspeakers. Now you know.

Trey's picture

So, are you listening through headphones, or did you get something tasty to take back home?

Stephen Mejias's picture

Trey: The PSBs are my affordably priced backups. For some time, I've had the pleasure of using a pair of DeVore Fidelity gibbon 3s, in special bamboo cabinets. Since they've been in my system, nothing has taken their place.

Paul S.'s picture

Stephen, that's no way to treat a pair of Alphas! Stuffed into plastic bags like lowly groceries.

Trey's picture

Ohhhh. Good on ya then! That is a speaker upgrade that I will likely make some day. Have a great 4th!

Stephen Mejias's picture

Those are not just any plastic bags, Paul. LPs once lived in there, man. I wouldn't be surprised if the speakers end up sounding better.

Paul S.'s picture

You got me on that one, Stephen. I guess I should get some bags for my PSBs now. :-)

Dismord's picture

Shame about the shirt!