Too Hot, Sugar

This weather is pointless. Pointless! What's the use of all this snow and ice? Don't tell me it looks pretty. I'm just not fit for this sort of cold. It's days like today after windy winter nights like last, when the temperatures plunge into the single digits and my apartment's old pipes freeze, that I wish I had an entire fleet of fiery amps to keep me warm.

I want an amp that's known for its prodigious heat. I want an amp that's too hot to touch. I want an amp that runs so hot you think the thing is broken. I want an amp that goes up in flames. If it makes beautiful music, great. I will curl myself around its heatsinks and melt away.

Al Marcy's picture

Um, Mr. Misery, do you have an Imperial size electric blanket and a running date with the Trockedero twins?The important thing about living in Hell is diversion, not confrontation ;)Why do you think they discovered brandy?