The Sun Smells Too Loud

The walls of the Stereophile offices have been shaking to the sounds of Mogwai's latest, The Hawk is Howling. Yes, we know that hawks don't howl. (Or do they?) We also know the difference between a hawk and a bald eagle. (Sourpusses.)

YouTube member "doublewords" of Finland put together this video for Mogwai's "The Sun Smells Too Loud," my favorite track off the album.

Keep an eye out for a full (LP!) review of Mogwai's The Hawk is Howling in an upcoming issue of Stereophile.

Mark Wieman's picture

Mogwai is a personal favorite and it makes me happy to see their new record get some extra exposure like this.If you like "The Hawk Is Howling," I would encourage you to check out their previous efforts. Their best to date is probably "Rock Action." Other standout albums include "Come On Die Young" and "Happy Songs for Happy People." "Mr. Beast" and "Young Team" are good too. Their soundtracks for "The Fountain" and "Zidane: A 21st Century Portrait" are also excellent.Oh, and if you like Mogwai, you may like a similar band, Explosions In The Sky. They're not as varied or interesting as Mogwai, but their newest stuff is every bit as intense.Mark

Rolf Medwig's picture

Stupifyingly boring music - silliest video ever!

Jim Teacher's picture

I totally know and love this tune. I think Pandora had been injecting it into the rotation.

Or I felt the vibes emanating from the ether from creation.

scotty's picture

what the f***. Is this really serious? Yuck!

Stephen Mejias's picture

Stupifyingly boring musicwhat the f***. Is this really serious? Yuck!You guys must be out of your minds. I can't help you.Just kidding. The video is meant to be silly good fun, obviously, I would say. If by "stupifying boring music," you are referring to its repetitive nature, Rolf, I can see where you're coming from, but I disagree. The songs on The Hawk are intensely emotional and deeply layered. You'd have to hear it on a hi-fi to fully appreciate the depth. The more I listen, the more its beauty and thoughtfulness become apparent.