The Room, Today

And here's how the room looks today. As I said, it looks, feels, and sounds like home.

It sounds better than ever, in fact.

Over the last couple of nights, I've had several of those spine-tingling moments of wonder and awe over the excellent sound in my room. There is greater overall clarity, more precisely focused images within a wider and deeper soundstage, more drama, more musical flow, a more relaxed presentation. What can be responsible for this improvement in the sound?

Is it the return of the little bookshelf? The wall of beautiful vinyl? The slightly revised positions of the loudspeakers? The touch of a woman?

All of the above?

Whatever it is, I’m happy about it. For a larger view of the revised listening room, visit our Gallery.

Cybermynd's picture

Dude! Great to see you've found your 'happy place'! It's pretty much a 'near field' situation isn't it? Should be great for imaging. Speaking of imaging - I'm torn about the rug. I really like it as a work of art but I think it might be a bit busy in a busy room. Of course if your decorator didn't mention it I guess I'm probably out to lunch.It would be interesting to photoshop that puppy out of there though... hmmmmmmmmm.

stephen Scharf's picture

Stephen,Glad things are sounding better that ever. When I saw your previous Expedit setup, I thought stacking them might be a good bet, the LPs will help filter the room reflections. It's also possible that not having the little table in front of the couch is helping also; you don't have reflections bouncing off the table in front of your listening position.

Bennett Teo's picture

Dude! isn't this arrangement is what i told you here, you should read back your own blog for reply :P

Robert Todd's picture

Stephen,The Expedit looks great.After reading your postings this looks like the answer to my storage problems.Are the storage spaces squares? They appear so.If it's not to much trouble what are the internal dimensions of each space please?After this I'm aiming for the Milty anti static zapper gun which hopefully will tame the blizzard of does my Planar 2 has attracted over the last 11 years.

Norm's picture

It's refreshing to see a "real" stereo system in a home, much unlike the stuff that's usually reviewed. The layout is logical and livable. What's there not to like?By the way, Cybermynd, the carpeting is obviously there to control the bounce off the hardwood flooring. Commenting on ones personal tastes are insane. Out to lunch indeed.The only thing odd about the photo is that music isn't playing ;-)

tonyE's picture

I got one of those in my living room too... holding the VPI cleaning machine and the record on rotation.HUT.. is that your ENTIRE RECORD COLLECTION? I mean, for someone working at Stereophile I'd expect you to have a lot more records, I mean, that's like less than 900 if I see right.BTW- that bookcaze works great behind and between my Maggies.

Stephen Mejias's picture

Thanks for the comments, everyone. Tony: Yes, that's my entire record collection. Your estimate of 900 is probably close to the exact number. I've only been collecting vinyl for two years. There are a lot more compact discs in another room.

AlexO's picture

That rug really ties the room together. :D

nunh's picture

I love the look - looks cozy and inviting - love the touch of a woman as well but, that is for another blog entry :)

Surf Mark's picture

Enjoy your blogs Stephen and love the room. FInish it off with some AuralexSono Suede panels in the corners and they will probably take it to a whole new sonic level for a mere $500 for 4 panels. Did so in spades for my similar sized listening room. Happy to send photos with panels in place if you like - the chocolate brown suedes would look great in your apt. Cheers and keep the adventures coming!