The Rega P3-24 in Colour

Remember all that talk about me just loving the Rega P3 for its plain-Jane, ashen splendor?

Well, yeah, I do love it. But you know what I love more?

I love the P3's high-gloss yellow, green, white, black, and red paint jobs more! I would bite my arm off for one of these.

Now, my only problem is figuring out which finish I love most.

When Ariel first broke the news to me, I was somewhat shocked, and even a little disappointed, by the price increase. An additional FOUR HUNDRED BUCKS for some fancy finishes?! OH, BUGGER. I'll take the gray, thank you.

But then I realized that the price increase includes Rega's outboard TT-PSU power supply which provides improved speed stability and mucho convenient push-button selection between the P3-24's two speeds. I wanted this feature anyhow because I find that I'm much less interested in listening to my colourful 45s when I have to lift the glass platter and manipulate the belt. (It's cool, but kind of a pain—and also a little scary.) The TT-PSU costs $375 on its own, so the total price of $1295 with power supply and snazzy finish still strikes me as a bargain. It's almost as though Rega read my mind. Brill!

So, dear readers, help me select a finish. Which colour do you love the most? (Footnote)


Footnote: I reserve the right to veto. If you pick black, I am not listening.

Web Monkey's picture

Monkey Vomit Green.

Christian's picture

White. Looks like it has a bit more of a retro vibe to it. Not that I ever remember white turntables.

mrlowry's picture

green, green, green

SJ's picture

I'm also with Mr Monkey.....GREEN it is!!! I'd go for the red mat thoughIt will add colour to otherwise drab and dreary hi-fi boxes...

Tom's picture

Although white is the most chique finish, green is probably the most striking (too bad it isn't British Racing green, such as the Bentley's of yore).

pom pom's picture

you better pick green.

Erica Swallow's picture

I would choose red with orange mat (do they have orange?) Well, anyway, that's probably the best! :-P

Will's picture


Eric Hancock's picture

The yellow one would look rather snappy with some black vinyl spinning.

Mark's picture

they're all cool, be sure and get one of the colored mats as well!

whitelabrat's picture

Definitely red. It makes it go faster!

Ariel Bitran's picture

My rankings are as follow: 1. Green w/Purple Mat (the Joker--The Heath Ledger Tribute Turntable) 2. Yellow w/ Purple Mat (can't go wrong with complementary colors 3. Yellow w/Black Mat (The Yellow Jacket) 4. White w/Blue Mataaah. I could keep going...... they would all look fly. Whatever color you end up choosing, it will definitely earn itself some sort of name. talk about equipment having personality!

Douglas Bowker's picture

The Red or Black will age the best IMO, and go better with other gear. The red would go with that Bellari tube phono amp nicely!

bertdw's picture

Black. It should be as unobtrusive as possible. You're supposed to be pretending it's not there, and you're listening to real, live music, remember? :)

john devore's picture

I'm with Mr. Monkey: Acid Green is crazy delicious. Purple mat is cool, the Joker vibe is a little creepy though. A yellow mat might be a little sick, red is complimentary, white would be very cool, or just black. Though I've heard that the thinner, colored mat's sound better...

John Atkinson's picture

Gotta be green. With a green mat.

Austin Kuipers's picture

Red. It seems like, as Douglas said, that red will age better, as well as highlight the "awesomeness" of the machine without making it stick out like bright green, or invisible like black. When friends come over you want them to see your passion for vinyl, not wonder where all the vomit came from, right?

Gerald Clifton's picture

The colors are bright and, er, colorful. No nester could ever complain about the decorative options. Apparently, for the money, the sound is at least "good." That's an added plus. God knows, we need affordable components that sound reasonably realistic, with options for those who love to hear and look. Two thumbs up (that's all I have), Rega, for making our short lives both aurally and visually more enjoyable. It is what high fidelity ought to "mean." Good sound, good feelings, good looks, credit card friendly. Now, who could possibly pass up an excursion into the analog domain, with a renaissance of good and better-than-good licorice pizza, and high-performance eye-candy, fit to match one's wildest visions of a place you can't wait to come home to.I just love this.

struts's picture

Stephen, Since you're a fashion leader it doesn't matter; whatever you pick it will become a classic and the masses will follow. The P3 is many people's first deck (its predecessor was mine) but few people's last so whatever you pick you can be fairly sure you won't have to live with it forever. That said the 'joker tribute' gets my vote!

bguy's picture

Go for the white!!With the next upgrade get the acrylic platter and sub pulley assembly from www.groovetracer.comThis will look and more importantly sound awesome!!

tom collins's picture

i have to throw a wet blanket on the color party. as cool as the colors are, if this is really a starter deck, it will have to be resold at some point to move up. just as you can always sell a car that has not been smoked in, you can always sell a turntable in basic black. one could easily spice up the black with a colored mat however at no risk, just keep the original.sorry to put a damper on all the fun guys.carry on.

michaelavorgna's picture

Not buying what you want because of potential resale value is a big wet blanket. I'd say the odds that there will be one buyer out there when/if you decide to sell whatever color 'table you choose are good enough to let you just buy whatever damn color you want. Worst case, if you end up taking a slightly larger loss down the road because of your color choice, the colorful enjoyment you've had more than makes up for the difference. imo. Green!

BillB's picture

Didn't they used to have purple on the previous p3? or maybe that was just the mats?If no purple available, I say red.$1295 for a TT without a cartridge is significant and it's very high quality sound/equipment. To me that would be a lifetime purchase, so I would not be worrying about resale value!

gordon's picture

anything but red, because that's what i ordered, and i wouldn't what us showing up in the same place wearing the same outfit.

Jacques's picture

They all look very cool. Red would be my favorite but I would also consider a British Racing green if available.

James madore's picture

Black, but just for your johnny cash vinyl

Dr.S's picture

definitely BLACK to fit this phono preamp:

Pharmacist Tom's picture

Yellow! But you have to buy the Mellow Yellow LP by Donovan and play the song "Mellow Yellow" as the first song on your new P3. Hell, you could even nickname your P3 "Mellow Yello". "They call me Mellow Yellow ..... quite right".

daryl croft's picture

Gotta be green, for go. 'Cause that's what this table does. With a red mat. At this price point it's a christmas gift from Rega.

Ron's picture

Why red, of course.I'm looking at pairing up a red Pro-Ject Debut III with the Bellari VP-129.O-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-h!

Mike's picture

I have the yellow, with black mat, also I have a yellow mat and solid cork for different looks.It does get the comments!!I must add that the strangest color I have is the older P3 BLUE! It's a light blue and I have not seen another like it. I bought it with plans on doing it up with cherry veneer and customing up the rest of the gear (Tonearm, motor etc) but so far haven't decided on whether to go ahead or save the base as is.

Ott's picture

Just got the Red one, with the yellow Exact cartridge fitted....IT IS STUNNING.....I love it...

soundzen's picture

love all the colours! prefer the green but so hard to sell it later. the safest colour is black because its a classic but to be original i think white is better... anyways, cant we buy the cheaper P3 flat-black and paint it gloss with even a graffitti on it? (like those cool laptop stickers) - go rega!

Abadan's picture

Just ordered a P3-24 in Red, with a black mat. Waiting for it to be delivered. Heard the turntable at the dealers in Green. Preferred the Red.