Sunday Afternoon Listening Session

I was in some sort of mood. Must’ve been the heat. I listened to:

1. Neil Young: Zuma (1975)

2. Flying Burrito Brothers: The Gilded Palace of Sin (1969)

3. Gram Parsons: Sleepless Nights (1976)

4. Flying Burrito Brothers: Burrito Deluxe (1970)

5. Bob Dylan with The Band: Planet Waves (1974)

6. Bonnie Raitt: Give It Up (1972)

7. Manassas: Down the Road (1973)

michaelavorgna's picture

Excellent play list. I like Neil Young in the heat too - especially On The Beach.

Tiger Al's picture

Give him a break, George. He's only 12.

Trey's picture

Wow, that is a LOT of FBB at one sitting! Good on ya! And George, you troll like you are the first goon to do it. Go somewhere else.

John Atkinson's picture

Nice to see the second Manassas album made it on to your turntable, Stephen. The first was better overall, but the second had some tasty tracks, ushc as "Pensiamento."

Roadster's picture

" dare you..." be so critical, George. The man appreciates worthwhile music so don't complain. Good choices, Stephen.

Trey's picture

Criticism is generally welcome by thoughtful people. Dismissive condescension is another thing entirely and welcomed only by the twisted.

Paul S.'s picture

I listened to Neil Young this weekend as well but it was "Tonight's the Night." I must have listened to it four times over then it became too much of a downer. So I switched over to Can's "Soon over Babaluma" which I recently acquired from an old fashioned type, independent, walk-in music store[nice experience]. I've also been listening to David Crosby's "If I could only remember my name," V.S.O.P's "Live Under The Sky," and Grant Green's "Alive" album. Yeah, I live in the past. For me music pretty much died in the 80s with a few flashes of hope in the 90s and 00s.

DLKG's picture

I was expecting a little smiley face or something that would let us know George was only kidding but I don't know if he's kidding or he's serious. Could he really be serious with some of his horrible posts?

Stephen Mejias's picture

Could he really be serious with some of his horrible posts?Yeah, he's serious. He's been at it for at least five years. Sad, and strange. The internet gives him a voice, or a venue.

Trey's picture

There you have it. A useless troll. Let's not feed him and see if he will go somewhere else.

Matt's picture

obvious troll is obvious

john devore's picture

I spun Neil Young on Father's day too, Old Man from Harvest. It was good.

rvance's picture

My kid got me "After The Gold Rush" on German vinyl. Listened to it on Father's Day. I was there in '68, '69 and beyond. You get it, Stephen! Right on...

Bob Dylan's picture

Hey George - You want the 60s? You can have 'em.

Rob's picture

Stephen,Quite a nicely unified set. Bonnie Raitt would appear to be the ringer. I rarely (actually,just about never) play so much of one artist at one time. This is so even though I tend to want everything that's been recorded by artists I like. I like them to be a recurring presence over months or years. The Grateful Dead's American Beauty would fit in nicely here, as would The Fantastic Voyage Of... by Dillard and Clark.