Sony TC-WE475

The Sony TC-WE475 dual auto-reverse cassette deck plays tapes(!), offers all sorts of unnecessary conveniences (like Fast-Forward and Reverse), costs $149.95, and is available NOW.

tomcollins's picture

i have one of these. it comes out at christmas time to play some old christmas tapes. i don't have a rack space for it or would probably use it more. i think it sounds pretty good.

bukkake bill's picture

I have a Sony 8-track which I modified to use gold outputs. It's hard to get recordings but that's half the fun!!!I run MIT shotgun interconnects into an Ayon amp and then to VS Unifield speakers. Sounds amazing.

Pablo Raimundez's picture

Hi, I really like your blog, but being a pedantic nitpicker as I am, couldn't help but notice you mispelled "unnecessary"!

Stephen Mejias's picture

Thanks for the correction, Pablo. And thanks for reading the blog.