Some Good News: Rega’s New RP-1

Well, I just got off the phone with Steve Daniels of The Sound Organisation, US importer for Rega, and while I don’t have a ton of information on Rega’s new RP-1 turntable, I do have some good news:

The RP-1 is scheduled to be available by the end of September and will not be considerably more expensive than the P1. The company hasn’t set a final US retail price, but they’re targeting somewhere around $445, or just $50 (or so) more expensive than the old version. Which I think is great. My eyes tell me the cosmetic upgrades alone are worth that much.

Rega says the RP-1 will be “considerably better than the P1.” But, of course they would say that. Can the RP-1 live up to the claim? We’ll see! A review sample will be on the way just as soon as it’s available. While the RP-1 uses the P1’s same Ortofon OM5e cartridge, it replaces the MDF platter with a new Phenolic resin platter and adds the new RB101 tonearm. And though the website indicates that this is just the first of an entire new generation of Rega turntables, the company hasn’t yet announced any other upgraded models. Any such talk would be premature.

For now, we have lots of enticing photos:

Nick's picture

Great tables throughout the whole range, shame you can't experiment with different arms. But then they sell them as a complete package. Still a P9 with a Graham or SME would be an interesting comparison.

buddha's picture

Did they say which belt it will have?

Tonko Papic's picture

Yes.It will be “considerably better than the P1.” I have a Rega P-2 and, I have replaced the MDF platter by a glass platter and... The sound becomes fantastic. Real lows (Not "enhanced"). Rock steady speed. Perfect image.I use a Denon DL-160 HO-MC CartridgeGreetings from Quillota, CHILE

Jim Tavegia's picture

Nick,But...this table if the drive and platter are much better, could be the table to experiment with other arms. I wonder about the headshell, but if the speed is on, at this price point it should be as we say in the states, "A Big Fly"!That's a baseball term for HomeRun. If you don't know about baseball, but know about vinyl, you are forgiven.

Eugene Thaggard's picture

God save teh queen if Rega is jumping on the 'upgrade the entire line' every other year bandwagon.- FWIW; I'm certainly shelving my idea of a p3-24 jump from mt P-1 (which has just lost 1/2 of its used value no doubt) in lieu of some time honed monoblocks or perhaps a full size pair of floorstanders.Please don't upgrade yourself to death Rega.

Jim Tavegia's picture

Eugene, You are so right. this is what has killed the American Car companies. Style over substance, but in the case of the P1, the new RP-1 fixed some major flaws that needed fixing. If they feel that the 5 and 7 need a slight mod I have no problem with that. If they change the p3-24, then that may not be a good thing, unless this new RP-1 platter material is better than glass.

Nick's picture

Jim, was up till midnight watching my Yanks come from behind and give the beatdown to the Texas Rangers. Perhaps, but I noticed that my used 250.00 VPI HW jr sounds fantastic with my SME IV on it. Call it overkill but I have to say it is more satisfying than my LP12 ever was. So was wondering if similar results could be achieved with the Rega. Go Yanks!

TD160's picture

The Rega P1 is a fantastic starter Turntable but use a Ring-Mat, Ortofon mm Red Cartridge, a Cambridge Audio 640P Phono Pre-Amp and put the lot on a glass plate or glass rack, & use a good car motor oil (thick) in the bearing, and set the antiskating control to 0.

GEORGE's picture

What special drive belt does it use?

Nathan's picture

good point Freb Balmer, I think a less expensive model would make them more money; ~$250 w/cart. So many people I know want to get into vinyl, but are scared off by what to get for a first table. The simple Rega design in a low-end design would sell quite well.

Robert Badcock's picture

A price of $450 is going to stop in the tracks a lot of people that would like to buy a Rega. They will continue to want one; but they will *never* make the jump. The ~$500 price point has A LOT of toys to offer. And, $450 is sooo close to the P2; that will confound some folks to the point of no purchase. I mean; I stick on purchases like that. Not enough for the good stuff; but don't want entry. Oh well; gonna get neither item; but I will go and buy some other audio/camping/computer/whatever item. Or load up on more vinyl for the shelf and say 'f-it'.Nathan has it. If Rega would do an entry again (like my so flawed P-1 was at $345), they would get some real traffic into the field. I'd rather seen a (ewwwww!) POS USB Rega than the P-1 chucked after 3-4 years. Ewwwww! USB Rega!!!!

GEORGE's picture

And an AR-XB was $67 at Sound Reproduction in East Orange N.J. in 1972 It was fine for 27 years. I bet the AR was a much better made TT than this stuff. $67 is how much in today's money?

Dismord's picture

"I bet the AR was a much better made TT than this stuff. ................." Possibly but the arm and headshell were such crap how could anyone know?