Some Girls

This ravishing yet reticent redhead claims to have been in love on at least three occasions. Though fiery at the start, each romance fizzled with time, unable to live up to Stephen's ideals. She says, "I have no regrets. I would rather be lonely than sorry…"

She sits on her orange couch one Sunday morning listening to old records, wondering why she is alone. Why can't she have some handsome, quiet man to sit beside? Someone who will just shut the hell up and be still while the record spins.

She's listening to the second side of Some Girls and she has to sit right up and be amazed when it gets to "Beast of Burden." This has always been a favorite song of hers, but she hears it now as if for the first time ever. Really! She makes a noise, a definite noise, a noise that expresses deep feeling, pain and pleasure united.

Ahh, ooh.

The first time she ever really heard this song was while riding in the passenger seat of her father's big, black car, whatever it was. Her father sang along, and she was surprised to hear her father sing. She was surprised that he knew this English song at all, let alone that he liked it well enough to sing along. It was a strange day altogether. Not only had he been nice to her, he sang the words to "Beast of Burden," making it sound like "pizza burning."

She laughed.

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What?!?! Is this real? Are you smoking or imbibing something here? I want more, but I don't know why! Seriously, why did you write this? Help!

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Thanks for reading, Jeff. The album art for Some Girls is unique. It was done by a graphic designer named Peter Corriston. It shows members of the band dressed in drag, alongside ads for women's lingerie. There are brief descriptions of each band member, and each member is referred to as a woman (something like: "Keith Richards is an independent young woman..."). I don't know why, but it's kinda funny.This is what I aped. This blog entry is pretty much exactly what I was thinking while I listened to Some Girls on vinyl for the first time.I got my copy for five bucks from Iris Records in Jersey City. Mine is somewhat collectible in that it still carries the images of Lucille Ball, Farah Fawcett, Raquel Welch, and others initially represented on the album art who threatened legal action. Their likenesses were later removed. The sound, by the way, is outstanding, too.

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Shattered - ShatteredBoop, Sha Doobie

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You go, Stephen.

I have a long story that goes with this album. I'll tell you in January in Vegas, if I can achieve the proper state.

I wish you a safe and happy trip to denver.