It seems like forever ago that I became interested in Santogold's music. In fact, however, it's only been four months. What made that time so hard to stand was that I couldn't listen to her music as much as I wanted to, in the way that I wanted to. Sure, I could listen online. And I did. But that wasn't enough.

Her self-titled debut album wasn't available on vinyl until this week. I bought it. Finally.


For these past four months, I'd walk into record shops, browse the bins, flip through titles, always with Santogold in the back of my mind. You don't know how many times I held the little, plastic compact disc in my anxious hands. Virgin had it on sale for ten bucks. I had a coupon for five dollars off.

Still couldn't do it.

I'm glad I waited. Like some chaste romantic, I'm glad I waited. Because now I have the real thing. And I would have been pissed with myself had I offered that five dollars toward anything less.

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As is the case with the chaste romantic, every once in a long while it pays off.

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I could say that you're gay for liking that Santogold crap, but then I'd be denigrating gay people. Bottom line: your taste in music blows.A few names for you to check out or YouTube: Porcupine Tree, Ra and Tetsuo Sakurai (Gentle Hearts tour live is awe inspiring).Of course, you seem to be one of those fruits who watches Dancing with the Stars & listens to crap like Santogold and thinks it's quality entertainment. This is most likely falling upon deaf ears.Just a suggestion: don't get your music selections from commercials.

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Golly, what a nice guy, let's all take his advice right now!

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If we do that we'll all become prog and fusion nerds, then we'll have to forget how to speak with civility, shun the opposite sex and hide from the sun for the remainder of our days.

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wow. someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed today. to each his own. Don't insult someones taste in music because it doesn't happen to parallel your own. Because that is exactly what it is, a taste. I happen to like my music spicy and unknown. in my opinion most non-mainstream(pop,rap,lots of rock) music is non-mainstream for a reason, However, once in a while you come across a excellent little-known-to-the-masses artist that is simply amazing. And I must say, pretty much every artist Steven mentions is one of those.

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I think this album is great, a sort of cross-cultural, cross-boundaries album, raw and fresh. My only complaint is it is very similar to M.I.A.'s great work from the last four years, almost derivative of that U.K. source in style.I think the song "Shove It" from this album expresses my sentiments toward Jeff's earlier reply.

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Jeff! Your doctor called. He is sorry your girlfriend doesn't hold air anymore. He wants you to stop the Prozac, resume the Lithium and load up on Chinese dairy products.

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Wow, I'm not even mad, I'm impressed! What's next Jeff, you're going to tell us how to dress!