My Rainbow

While Jon was on his way home, I was back at Lucia Lodge, working on “Recommended Components.” Earlier in the day, Jon and I had had a big lunch, but I knew that Tom, the lodge manager, would be expecting me for dinner at Lucia’s restaurant. Though I wasn’t particularly hungry, I shut down my laptop, and walked outside. Funny how things work out.

Outside, I was greeted by the rainbow. I, of course, held a different perspective. From my vantage point, the rainbow seemed to be perched immediately above the lodge. It began at the rocky shore, extended over the lodge, and finally met with the mountainside. I felt as though I could run across the parking lot and race to the rainbow’s end. The sight of the thing pretty much turned me into a cursing, bumbling, ecstatic five year old. I had never seen anything like it.

After shooting some photos and taking some video footage, I made my way to Lucia’s restaurant. Inside, Tom was waiting for me.

“There’s my guest,” he said.

“Did you see the rainbow?” I asked.

“Yes,” he said, “It was right here.”

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This is incredible.

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This is the most latent thing I have *ever* read in Stereophile...

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Latent? Thanks. Keep checking this space for more latency.