Love Comes Close

I’m not going to get all flowery and poetic on this one. I’m just going to say: Buy this record.

Alright, I’ll also say that I tried to be strong. While everyone else was going cuckoo for Cold Cave, I tried to maintain my composure. What’s the big deal, I wondered. This is nothing new. It reminds me of so many late Nineties sounds from the Mute label. It reminds me of Erasure, and so many dark Eighties pop bands. Ah, but wait, it also sort of reminds me of Bad Moon Rising–era Sonic Youth. And, shit, it reminds of Serge Gainsbourg, too.

Who the hell is in this band, anyway?

Oh, Wesley Eisold from Give Up The Ghost, and Caralee McElroy from Xiu Xiu, and now Sarah Lipstate of Noveller, and noise artist, Dominick Fernow! And, god damn it, after listening to “Life Magazine” once and then having to listen to it again 15 times more before I could finally stop myself and move on with my life, I realized that Cold Cave was doing something special, and I went straight out to Hospital on 3rd, between 1st and 2nd, and I got into some long, rambling discussion with Anthony Mangicapra about noise and Zola Jesus and vinyl and hi-fi, and I felt rejuvenated, munificent, downright free, and I bought every fucking Cold Cave record I could buy.

They’re all good. You should buy them, too.

Oh, I’ll also mention that an original pressing of Love Comes Close might be hard to find for those of you outside the New York City area. The album flew like mad from the shelves of independent record shops and landed onto so many happy turntables. You might still be able to order it from Hospital Productions. If not, you’re nevertheless in luck: The smart folks at Matador caught on a whole lot faster than me, and their reissue of Love Comes Close will be available on November 3. If you’re hungry for a taste before then, you can pick up the 12” single, Death Comes Close, due out on October 20.

Patrick Butler's picture

Reminds me of Q Lazzarus's song Goodbye Horses, most prominently featured in the famous "tuck" dance by Wild Bill in Silence of the Lambs.Nice though

Derwyn Goodall's picture

Hey Stephen,Thanks for the enthusiastic recommendation. The music sounds great, reminds me of New Order and the others you mentioned. Question — which label was it originally released on? My copy says Heartworm, but I have never heard of this label.

nunh's picture

I'm going to have to check this one out - thanks for the recommendation!

Stephen Mejias's picture

Hey Derwyn. Glad you like it. Heartworm is the original label.

Derwyn Goodall's picture

Hey Stephen, thanks for letting me know. Yes Heartworm — I was lucky enough to grab an original. Hospital sounds like a great vinyl place. I will have to visit the next time I am in NYC. And like many others, I enjoy your blog, not only for your musical findings, but also for your unique, personal style. Don't stop!

mick jones's picture

Its funny that Wesley sued his old friends fallout boy for ripping off one of his songs... but rips off Q Lazarus????!!!!!